Revanesse Kiss 1ML


2 Syringes x 1ml per pack



Buy Revanesse Kiss 1ml which is an aesthetic solution created and distributed by Canadian pharmaceutical company Prollenium Medical Technologies for the purpose of augmenting the lips. It consists of 25mg/mL of artificial hyaluronic acid, which is cross-linked using Thixofix Technology. This patented manufacturing process ensures that the gel is highly viscous yet smooth enough to be injected using fine gauge needles. Despite it being synthetic, the gel is bioresorbable and delivers natural looking results. It is packaged in a 1mL syringe and each box of Revanesse Kiss comes with 2 preloaded syringes, fine gauge sterilised needles, and a product pamphlet.

Revanesse products are biodegradable, non animal-based, clear HA gels created for multiple indications. The products are one of the safest lines on the markets while providing effective and immediate results.

Duration of effect –

This depends upon the degree of correction required, your age and lifestyle as well as the correct placement of the product by a practitioner. The manufacturers claim that the various products will last on average 6 – 9 months for Revanesse® Kiss.

Revanesse Kiss has been specifically engineered for lip augmentation and definition. The unique properties of the lips require a specially formulated filler to ensure ideal post-injection results. The result of this special design is a filler which is easy to inject and mold with fewer incidences of swelling.


  • volumizes and augment the lips,
  • smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Create lip volume
  • Lip augmentation and definition
  • Smooth out wrinkles around the mouth

Hyaluronic Acid: 25 mg/ml

Package consist of :
2 x 1ml prefilled syringe


  • hypersensitivity to one of the components,
  • skin infection near the site of injection,
  • patients susceptible to keloid formation,
  • pregnant or lactating women,
  • allergy or anaphylaxis,
  • bleeding disorders,
  • autoimmune disorders,
  • antibiotic therapy.


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