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Features :

Thin thread thickness
allows easy anchoring through Tie Technique . Easy vector correction during treatment

Applicable to :

To  Patients with thin skin tissue

A non-surgical solution to sagging skin, in just 30-60 minutes

The MINT procedure is relatively quick and pain-free, with most sessions taking just 30 minutes, or 60 minutes for a full face. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Lying comfortably, the patient’s face will be fully numbed with local anaesthesia
  • Next, the threads are inserted via a tiny cannula into specific points. Containing tiny 3-D barbs to appropriately hold the tissues in place, these threads are then secured deep in the fascia, tightened and then clipped.
  • There is no skin puckering; however, minimal swelling, bruising and some irregularity of the tissue may be experienced for a week or two.
  • MINT PDO should last approximately one year. Over time, the threads dissolve and are replaced by the body’s own collagen.
  • MINT threads can also be used in conjunction with dermal or volumising fillers to maximise the aesthetic results.

MINT ThreadsMINT is  suitable for a variety of aesthetic improvements, in particular:

  • Lifting and improving the appearance of jowls
  • Plumping up sagging cheeks
  • Softening deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds)


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