Nabota 200


Nabota 200 is intended for denervation of the muscle tissues related to uncontrolled muscle tone or active mimics.



Nabota 200 is a muscle relaxant of peripheral action from a manufacturer in South Korea. This product has a similar composition and efficiency as botulin toxin (Botox). This product can be used to eliminate mimic wrinkles, caused by excessive mimic activity or muscle spasms.
Includes 2 presents:
Saline 0.9% NaCl 20ml- 1ea
U100 Syringe 1ml 30g 10ea
Main advantages
  • it’s totally safe and causes no side-effects
  • increased dosage allows administering the product in the expanded area
  • the product saves natural contours and lines of the face
  • it provides a long-lasting effect (up to 6 months)
Purpose of product usage
Nabota 200 is intended to be used during the botulino therapy in order to eliminate mimic wrinkles near eyes, lips, as well as on the forehead, between the eyebrows and folds on the neck. In can be used to treat the polyhidrosis of palms and armpits.
Injections shall be made right into the muscle tissues of the human body. All stages of the treatment have to be performed by an experienced doctor.
The product is sold in transparent glass containers (1 in the package). It contains 200 units of the A Clostridium botulinum toxin. In order to increase safety and avoid the pain, we recommend using only high-quality needles and cannulas from well-known manufacturers.
200 units


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